Truck-mounted Cranes

Truck-mounted Cranes description

The truck-mounted crane is a crane installed on the truck, which installs the crane’s lifting arm and winch mechanism, etc. on the chassis of the truck, which can realize the loading, unloading and transportation of goods. Truck-mounted cranes are characterized by strong mobility, ease of use and high efficiency.
Compared with traditional cranes, the truck-mounted crane does not need a special transport vehicle, and can directly follow the cargo truck to the work site, reducing the transportation cost and time of the equipment.

Product Description:

Truck Mounted Crane Application Areas

Application areas of truck-mounted cranes
Logistics and transportation: used for loading, unloading and handling of goods, such as ports, warehouses, logistics centers and so on.
Building construction: lifting and transportation of building materials, equipment, etc., such as construction sites, plant construction and so on.
Municipal engineering: installation and maintenance of road facilities, pipelines, etc., such as street light installation, billboard installation, etc.
Electric power engineering: lifting and transportation of electric power equipment, poles, etc.
Rescue work: lifting materials and equipment in disaster rescue.
Agriculture, forestry, animal husbandry and fishery: handling agricultural products, timber, livestock, etc..
The specific application areas will also vary according to the model, lifting capacity and special functions of the truck crane.

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