Truck Mounted Aerial Platform

High Altitude Truck-mounted Cranes Description

Aerial work truck is a specialized vehicle that lifts staff and equipment to high places for operation through a boom or platform.

Characteristics: It usually has the following characteristics: strong mobility, can work flexibly at different sites; high operating height, can meet various needs of aerial work; safe and reliable, equipped with protective devices to ensure personnel safety.

Applications: Aerial work trucks are widely used in many fields, such as: building construction, for exterior wall cleaning, air conditioning installation, etc.; electric power maintenance, transmission line overhaul; advertising installation, hanging billboards, etc.; municipal maintenance, tree trimming, street light maintenance, etc..

These features make the aerial work trucks improve the work efficiency at the same time, to protect the safety of the operating personnel.

Product Description:

High Altitude Truck-mounted Cranes Details

motor jiangling、quanchai、dewei、yuchai
transmission Wan Li Yang (1933-), PRC politician
sump Jiangling Shunda (brand)
engine horsepower 120-165
wheelbases 3280mm  2800  2950
Front/Rear Axle 2.0t/3.5t(速比4.875)   1.7T/3T
tires Steel/vacuum tires
check (bad habits) Air brake/oil brake
aerial work truck Maximum working height 19-36
Maximum working range 14-19
Platform load rating 200KG
Boom slewing angle 360 degrees
Platform size
Platform Slewing Range Infinite 360 degree rotation
maximal arm 6-section arm/7-section arm, 5-section/6-section synchronized telescoping, wire rope out of the arm with a spare wire rope, even if the main wire rope is disconnected, you can still put the person down smoothly
operating system Domestic well-known electronic control system, equipped with wireless remote control, three-way operation
hydraulic system Electro-hydraulic proportional valve, infinitely adjustable speed, with emergency power source
Hydraulic outriggers H-type outriggers, 4 telescopic outriggers / X-type outriggers, 4 double-jointed outriggers / V-front and V-rear, 4 double-jointed outriggers, individually adjustable
aisle plate Steel non-slip walking board
safety device Upper and lower vehicle interlock, limit protection, bi-directional hydraulic balancing valve, emergency power source
Truck Cranes Maximum lifting capacity 4000kg
main winch 4T
crane arm 6-section arm
Maximum lifting height 17m
rotary structure 360-degree rotation at will
power pump single pump

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