What sets have you encountered in the truck-mounted cranes?

Have you encountered any of the following problems when purchasing a truck-mounted crane? You find that you need to wait longer than expected and the salesman asks you to change the crane brand or tonnage.

Secondly, the delivery time exceeded the contractual agreement because the crane was out of stock and extra payment was required.
Third, if there are special requirements before purchase, the salesman did not inform them of the pros and cons, and was bent on pleasing them, which led to difficulties in licensing.
However, telling the truth often offends people. Therefore, I just briefly mention it here. I want to tell the crane friends in front of the screen, to buy a truck-mounted crane, you must choose a regular manufacturer, choose a responsible salesman. If the price is too cheap, don’t consider it, because there is no such thing as selling the wrong one, only buying the wrong one. In this era of transparent information, don’t expect pie in the sky.
So what other little ruses have you come across? Feel free to leave a message in the comment section.

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