What is the difference between truck-mounted cranes and truck cranes

According to the scope of work, cranes can be divided into truck cranes and truck-mounted cranes. They are both driven by truck power, so many people think that the truck crane is a truck crane, in fact, they have some differences.

Carrying crane, also known as truck lifting and transporting vehicle, is a kind of equipment to realize the lifting, turning and hoisting of goods through hydraulic lifting and telescopic system. It is modified on the basis of ordinary cargo trucks with cargo vehicles and still has the performance of ordinary cargo trucks. In addition to the loading and unloading of goods in this compartment, the truck-mounted crane can also complete the loading and unloading of goods between compartments, as well as other lifting work.

Car crane, also known as truck crane, can walk at a faster speed, good mobility, adaptability, self-powered does not need to be equipped with a power supply, can work in the field, easy and flexible operation. Hydraulic lifting technology is used on the truck crane, with a large carrying capacity, and can work in shock, vibration, and harsh environmental conditions.

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