There are 3 main differences between a truck-mounted crane and a truck crane:

1, the tonnage of the truck-mounted crane is generally small, mostly a few tons to more than 30 tons. There are also dozens of tons, but very few. The tonnage of truck cranes are relatively large, dozens of tons to hundreds of tons of very large, heavy cargo crane.
2, the truck crane is with a cargo box, you can lift heavy, transportation, hauling goods. The function of the truck crane is relatively single, only for lifting heavy.
3, the truck crane has a straight arm folding arm, straight arm is the boom hanging above the cargo box, folding arm is the boom can be folded, taking up very little space. Truck cranes are telescopic boom, the boom extends to the front position.

Then we will look at the comparison of their advantages and disadvantages:
The advantage of the truck crane is that it integrates lifting and transportation functions, improves resource utilization, and the selling price is much cheaper than that of the truck crane. The advantage of the truck crane is good maneuverability and rapid movement.
Compared to the two, the truck crane can only be lifted alone, mainly used for engineering construction, with the truck crane in addition to lifting, but also able to transport goods, running high speeds, to achieve a dual-use vehicle, a car multi-purpose, in addition to engineering construction, but also used for urban greening and so on.
In the actual choice, we can choose according to the actual lifting needs.

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