The safety standards for marine cranes mainly include the following aspects:

Mechanical safety: Marine cranes should be installed on a strong, stable, smooth and clean foundation to ensure that the booms and outriggers are strong enough. The main parts of the crane should be inspected and maintained regularly, such as wire rope, pulley, electrical equipment, traveling mechanism and so on.
Safety of operation environment: On the operation site, safety facilities such as special start-up post, foundation tying post, construction zone cordon and human defense system should be established to ensure the safety of the operation area. There shall be no people or objects intruding or staying within the working range of the crane.
Personal safety: Before carrying out the operation of marine crane, it must be trained and qualified in safe operation and have the corresponding operation certificate before operation. Crane operators must properly wear safety equipment, including helmets, safety belts, non-slip shoes, gloves, earplugs, masks and other protective equipment to ensure personal safety. It is prohibited to smoke, gather and play or work when physically unfit during operation.

In addition, safety standards for marine cranes include pre-use inspections, regular maintenance and servicing, safe operating procedures, operator training and qualification.

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