The role of aerial vehicles in everyday life

Aerial trucks are often used in various engineering projects, but in fact, they are often used in our daily life.

1, aerial vehicle is divided into mobile, and crank arm type, the name is different his role is different, the use of different ways.
2, can rise directly to the height of a tripod, easy to operate aerial workers, aerial vehicles operating at high altitude with life security rights. Say goodbye to the traditional operators tied to the rope, hanging around in the air. There is no guarantee of security rights.
3, for street lights, glass, and other outdoor operations, directly up to a fixed height, while you can stand 3-5 people working at the same time, the time, the effect of the above have a great improvement, and covers an area of small, does not affect the vehicles and pedestrians.
4, environmental protection, energy saving, can manually shake the turntable to raise the height of the lifting platform does not use electricity, no motor, green, environmentally friendly products.
5, with the rescue, engineering, logistics, civil aviation, factories, fire, automobile, and so on every industry can be used.
From the current lifting platform highlights the role of too wide, China’s aluminum alloy aerial vehicle has been in and out of foreign countries, in all accounted for a tripod weight, because practical, versatile, in manpower, time, cost greatly improved, in line with the use of modern people!

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