Sustainability of the aerial lift rental industry

In recent years, with the domestic and foreign economic growth slowed down, the machinery industry, the number of prices are falling trend is becoming increasingly serious. But in which the aerial work truck rental industry has developed against the market, attracting more and more rental business to join in. For this status quo, relevant professionals said, at present, aerial working platform has been popularized in many developed countries.

Compared with scaffolding and other traditional modes of elevation, aerial work platform directly reduces enterprise costs, improves work efficiency, and effectively protects the safety of construction and personnel, and its advantages of high efficiency, intelligence and safety are being recognized by the market. In China’s rapid growth in labor costs and safety awareness of the situation, aerial vehicles will gradually replace scaffolding for aerial work, the rise of aerial work platform rental industry has become inevitable.

At present, the domestic market aerial work truck ownership of only 20,000 units, the future development is expected to hit a million units, the industry development potential is very huge. As an aerial work truck rental business, the enterprise must be clear about its own long-term development consciousness, relying on high and new technology, to create high-end equipment, with the international high-end market, to provide the industry with a high growth of the general environment.
In addition, aerial work truck rental business also has requirements: aerial truck rental business must be aerial truck for the necessary scientific maintenance and repair as well as maintenance, to ensure that aerial trucks can successfully and safely complete the task of aerial work. And the aerial working platform is widely used in municipal, electric power, shipbuilding, aviation, aerospace, high-speed rail, elevated, plant construction and other fields. Therefore, it is especially important to choose a professional aerial work platform rental company.

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