Ship cranes (ship cranes) operating safety precautions

1, small boat crane before operation, must first check the wire rope, clutch, brake, insurance ratchet, transmission pulley.
2, before and after lifting work, should strictly follow the “first out of the rope and then out of the pole” principle.
3, the operation of the wire rope in the drum to retain less than three turns.
4、After the boom work is completed, when closing the first section of the pole, the boom should be lengthened to the vertical position, relying on gravity to close the pole.
5、When working, no one is allowed to cross the wire rope of the winch, and the wire rope is not allowed to drag along the ground.
6、When operating, it is forbidden to leave the workstation without authorization, and other people are not allowed to open the machine.
7, work to listen to the commanding officer signal, signal is not clear or may cause accidents, should pause the operation, to be clear situation before continuing to operate.
8, ship lifting operations in a sudden power failure should be immediately pulled open the breakpoint of the electric switch, and will transport the object down.
9, lifting command should be skilled, know the performance of lifting machinery as a person, command to do when the signal is accurate, loud and clear.
10, lifting objects should be uniform speed, prohibit sudden braking and change direction, panning should be higher than 0.5 meters above the obstacle, falling should be low and light to prevent tipping.
11, all personnel are strictly prohibited in the lifting arm and lifting heavy objects below the stay or walk, the object must maintain a safe distance from the overhead power lines.
12、Vehicle use more than half a year to add or replace the hydraulic oil, boom part to brush lubricating oil.
13, lifting heavy operation, general outrigger operation, the left side of the four with the operating rod for the outrigger, the remaining four for the outrigger.
14, the crane part of the operating lever is generally divided into: steering, boom, luffing, rope.
15, in the crane hydraulic control valve near are equipped with crane throttle, it is recommended to fix the position after not often reduce (plus).
16 the boom out of the pole engraved with two out of the pole warning line (yellow or red marked), out of the pole if you see the first scale line should stop in time out of the pole, to do safe lifting weight.

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