Purchase of truck-mounted cranes should not be confused by these schemes

Domestic and foreign truck-mounted crane industry competition is fierce, each brand frequent moves, “industry long boom”, “strong overload capacity”, “low price”, “Send accessories”, “interest-free interest rate reduction”, etc., are used as a reason to “pull” customers. But these reasons, really good for the user? Really stand firm?

Trope 1: Industry Long Booms
  Does “long” really mean “good”? For the sake of long and long, ignoring stability, ignoring durability, ignoring robustness, ignoring sex, in the actual lifting process, the boom longer will not let you complete the work more efficiently, but may waste time, let you lose more fuel costs. Other people’s cars have finished the work, lying at home counting shift fee, take the next order; you still have to work hard at the construction site. There is also a very important point, a certain tonnage of cranes, jib length, is the scientific law decided, not at will to add. Not in line with the scientific design, “the longer the arm”, the greater the risk borne by the user.
  Set two: overloading capacity
  Overloading behavior seems to have been commonplace, many crane friends think “not overloading, but also work?” In fact, overloading overturning is a typical case. In fact, overloading rollover is a typical mathematical probability of events, assuming that the average rollover probability of overloading 1%, then times work, the probability of not rollover 99%, the figures look very good, 99% of the probability of not rollover, is not the same as not rollover? In fact, when the number of times the work increases, the rollover will be closer and closer to you, because the 1% probability of rollover means that, on average, every 100 overloading, there is 1 rollover.
  There are few who have ruined their careers and lost their homes because of overloading accidents. Businesses and salesmen who use overloading as a reason to induce customers to buy are definitely “very bad”. Because really to overload the accident, you are the violation of the operation, and manufacturers have nothing to do!
  In addition, overloading on the car’s “damage” is cumulative. Grimm survey data collected shows that: long-term overloading of the crane, the service life will be not overloaded than the crane, reduced by at least one-third. What does this mean? Means you spend 1 million dollars to buy a car, not overloaded can drive 10 years, often overloaded can only drive 7 years! How much money can a crane drive 3 years more for you? Everyone understands.
  Set three: X section arm
  Crane tonnage does not see up, the number of sections of the crane arm a more than one, this is also one of the strange phenomenon of the domestic lifting industry. Dozens of twenty tons of cranes, with nine sections of arm, ten sections of arm, in order to look good on the number? In order to literally crush competitors? Don’t tease! Arm section more, does not mean that the boom is long, even if the boom is long, the reference bar: does not mean that the stability, durability, ruggedness, good sex. What? This is to go to the wind farm to steal the job ah?
  Set four: low price, interest-free
  The “low price” seems very attractive at first, especially for new users. But in fact, “low price” is actually a “trap”, is a “big pit”. Purchase price is lower than 100,000, but the residual value of the equipment and products more than 100,000; this is not to mention, the whole process of use, “the cheaper” the product, the more likely that the price of accessories on the mine, as well as has been emphasized in the operational efficiency, operational performance and quality, and so on. You have to believe in a saying: expensive things, in addition to expensive, other places are advantages; cheap things, in addition to cheap, other places are disadvantages. In order to save money, but end up spending more money, such things, it happens every day.

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