Marine Crane Precautions

Lifting capacity: Select the appropriate crane according to the weight and type of cargo to be lifted to ensure that it has sufficient lifting capacity.
Working environment: Consider the working environment of the crane on board, such as temperature, humidity, wind speed and other factors to ensure that the crane can work properly under these conditions.
Power source: According to the energy supply on board, choose a suitable power source, such as electric motor, hydraulic system or steam engine.
Safety performance: choose cranes with safety protection features, such as overload protection, limit switches, braking systems, etc., to ensure the safety of operators and cargo.
Brand and quality: choose cranes of well-known brands to ensure their quality and reliability.
Installation and maintenance: Consider whether the crane is easy to install and maintain to ensure it can work stably for a long time.
It should be noted that when choosing a marine crane, comprehensive consideration needs to be made according to the actual needs and working environment to ensure that the selected crane can meet the working requirements.

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