How to buy a small truck crane from China?

Our truck cranes are widely used in daily life, and there are many market choices, such as Komatsu, Xugong, Elephant and other big brands. These brands produce good quality truck cranes. But the price is relatively high. They are not the right choice for families or people who want to engage in wholesale and retail business of truck cranes. Many people turn their attention to Chinese made truck cranes.

After years of research and development and production, the technology of our truck cranes is very mature, the quality is very reliable and the price is not high. This is the right choice. However, for most people, China is a distant country. There is no way to go to China on business trips, and you can’t conduct on-site factory inspections and business negotiations before purchasing. This possibility is almost impossible.

So how can you buy a small truck crane in China without an on-site inspection? Should there be other factors to consider besides price?

Selection of suppliers for truck cranes
How to choose the right seller? There is no doubt that searching through the internet is the right way. We can search through Google or visit Alibaba or Made in China (the two best B2B sites in China). You can find hundreds of suppliers. How to choose?

Choose manufacturer or trader?
The advantage of factory is lower price and the service of trading company is more detailed. In China, the number of real truck crane factories is much less than the number of selling them. Many trading companies have better price, service and customer attitude than factories. There is no need to worry about whether the other party is a production factory or a trading company. It depends on who has better price and service.
If you prefer to work with factories, you can find them in Shandong Province, China. Shandong is the base of construction machinery manufacturing in China. Komatsu, Shantui, and Foruncom factories are all built here. In contrast, truck crane factories are mainly located in Jining City.

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