How deep is the “water” of the purchase of truck-mounted cranes? Do not be set up

China’s truck-mounted cranes in the field of fierce competition, each brand continues to make a move, “the field of multi-boom”, “strong overweight capacity”, “less expensive”, “send spare parts”, “interest-free installment interest rate reduction” and so on are used as a reason to “win” customers. Send spare parts”, “interest-free installment interest rate reduction”, etc., are used as a reason to “win over” customers. But this reason, really have an advantage to the user? Does it really stand firm? Expect all customers to brighten their eyes, careful comparison, do not be set up.
Fields more truck crane boom “long” does mean truck crane “powerful”? In order to better long and long, ignoring the stability, ignoring the durability, ignoring the firmness, ignoring the accuracy, in the specific lifting the whole process, the boom longer will not make you better in the work, on the contrary, it is possible to waste time, miss a good opportunity Oh! Instead, you may waste time and miss good opportunities! Other people’s cars have long done the job, lying at home more desk shift fee, the next single up; but you still need to work hard at the construction site. There is also a point is also very important, a certain number of tons of lifting equipment, how long the arm, is the scientific regularity of decision-making, all through a number of program demonstration, and not unrestrained to add. Not in line with the scientific design program, “the longer the arm”, the greater the risk borne by the user.

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