Can a truck-mounted crane be used as a truck crane and why?

The truck-mounted crane can not be used as a crane, the truck-mounted crane can only be used as a loading and unloading auxiliary tool for loading and unloading some relatively lightweight goods, its lifting performance is far worse than the crane.

Truck-mounted cranes, truck-mounted cranes have their own good, according to their own needs to buy
Truck-mounted crane is a kind of equipment to realize the lifting, turning and hoisting of goods through hydraulic lifting and telescopic system, usually assembled on trucks.

The advantages of truck-mounted cranes are good mobility, rapid transfer, can set lifting and transportation functions in one, improve the utilization of resources, the price is also much cheaper than the car crane.

Truck cranes, also known as car cranes, can walk at a faster speed, good mobility, adaptability, self-powered does not need to be equipped with a power supply, can work in the field, easy and flexible operation.
Hydraulic lifting technology is used in the truck crane, with large load capacity, and can work under the conditions of shock, vibration and harsh environment.

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