Can a truck-mounted crane be used as a truck crane and why?

There are some differences in the design and use of truck-mounted cranes and automobile cranes, although they are both used for lifting operations, but in general you can not directly use the truck-mounted cranes as automobile cranes.

First of all, truck-mounted cranes are usually installed on trucks or other transportation vehicles with relatively small lifting capacities and working ranges, which are suitable for some simple lifting tasks. On the other hand, truck cranes are specially designed lifting equipment with greater lifting capacity and wider working range, which can adapt to more complex and heavy lifting needs.

Secondly, the structure and stability of a truck-mounted crane may not be as good as that of a truck crane. When performing heavy lifting operations, truck cranes usually have greater load carrying capacity and stability to ensure safe operation.

In addition, laws and regulations may have specific requirements for the use of cranes. Different regions may have clear regulations on the scenarios and conditions for the use of truck-mounted cranes and truck cranes, the violation of which may lead to safety risks and legal liabilities.

Therefore, in order to ensure the safety and effectiveness of lifting operations, it is recommended that the appropriate type of crane be selected according to the specific lifting requirements and that the relevant safety standards and operating procedures be followed. If heavy or complex lifting tasks are required, it is best to use specially designed truck cranes. This will improve efficiency, protect personnel safety and ensure smooth operations.

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