Buying a new marine crane? Then you must read this one!

A marine crane is a customized product that needs to be customized by informing the manufacturer of the detailed requirements. When purchasing a new crane, we need to have a detailed understanding of the requirements for its use and knowledge about marine cranes, these are very important, taking a little time to understand the important factors will surely make the purchasing process go smoother and help you to choose the crane that meets your requirements.

First, the use of marine cranes and detailed parameters of the use of the environment requirements
Marine crane manufacturers need to know each important parameter of the crane and the use of the environment, according to these requirements to design the crane, each factor will affect the cost of the crane, so we need to know the detailed parameters, requirements and the use of the environment to inform the manufacturer.
1、Choose straight boom, telescopic boom or folding boom?
2、What is the weight of the load to be lifted?
3、What is the required working radius?
4、What is the maximum length of the boom?
5、What is the lifting speed?
6、Which certification is needed?
7、What is the sea condition level, whether it is used inshore or offshore?
8、Special requirements (such as manned requirements, power supply requirements, motor requirements, color requirements, cab requirements, etc.)

Second, the production cycle of marine cranes
The manufacturer will design according to each requirement, confirm the drawings of the marine crane, each marine crane requirements are different, the production cycle is also different, the requirements of more complex cranes called, the production cycle will also be lengthened, we need to confirm the production cycle, then the production cycle is mainly affected by the following factors.
1, the structure and size of the marine crane
2, the requirements of the accessories (mainly imported brands or national brand requirements)
3, the specified paint color
4, the use of environmental temperature requirements
5, the requirements of the marine crane certificate

Third, the after-sales service of marine cranes
After-sales service is the main part of every buyer is very concerned about, marine cranes as a larger deck equipment, after-sales service is crucial, need to know the following factors
1, whether to provide after-sales service
2, after-sales warranty is a few years
3, can provide installation and commissioning services
4, whether to provide after-sales parts support
The above is the content of the purchase of marine cranes must be understood, of course, there are many other content, be sure to communicate with the manufacturer in a timely manner, OUCHO as a manufacturer of marine cranes with more than 30 years of manufacturing experience, we will be strictly customized according to customer requirements and provide good after-sales service to support the certification of the major classification societies, the factory will be subjected to rigorous testing of the level of sea state to ensure that every Welcome to contact OUCHAO, we will be happy to serve you!

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